What if? …. Why not?

Consider this: “Why is it that no matter how many times babies fall, instead of giving up they continue to try walking over and over again?”. The answer to this question is mind blowing for me, yet so simple. “It’s because everyone around them is walking…so it’s normal to walk.” Goodness, this is so true! If we surround ourselves with like-minded people who are where we want to be, we will see it as normal to achieve their level of success. And no matter what obstacles we may face, we must get up, dust ourselves off and try again. Difficulties and failures are the necessary steps to get us to where we’re going and with each obstacle, there is a lesson to be learned.

In life, one has to be willing to travel the road less traveled and throw caution to the wind. And more often than not, we are crippled by self-imposed limitations that could be the very reason our dreams don’t come to fruition. Step out of the comfort zone. Evaluate, plan, do, adjust as you go.

An on-line business that I know well asked themselves: “What if we put our customers desires FIRST, by finding a way they could easily achieve the financial freedom they wanted without having to pay large fees to learn from other organizations how to everything like we do?”. We started to shift our focus from “Why we couldn’t” to “What if?” and “Why not?” That is how a new business was born! A totally done-for-you business for folks who want to start their own on-line business but do not know what to do. You can look at the Facebook page here if you like.

I’ll leave you with a few things to think about…

Dream Big.
Never Stop Learning.
Figure Out What You Want.
Have A Vision.
Take Action Everyday.
Work Smarter Not Harder.
Meditation Is A Beautiful Thing.
Focus Your Energy, It Creates Strength.
Visualization & Repetition Is Key.
Develop Good Habits.
When You Start Something… Finish It.
Face The Fear & Do It Anyway.
Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself Learn
To Forgive Yourself Because Tomorrow’s Another Day.
Focus On The Why. You’ll Figure Out The How.
Never Give Up.

The basis of this post is gleaned from a posting on a Proctor blog and personal knowledge of another business.

What’s Stopping You?

You know what you want to have/be/do. In fact, you are so clear that you have it written down in specific detail in the form of a S.M.A.R.T. Goal. Right? So what is stopping you from having it already? What are the Obstacles?

Take some personal and quiet time and write down why you don’t have it yet. Be honest. In one of my money goals I actually listed that I did not want to work at a job to achieve the goal. That is quite an obstacle. Think wide here and list what is missing and what are the obstacles. Not enough time. Have not met minimum requirements. Don’t know what to do. And so on.

List these reasons that you don’t have what you want and number them. Now, explore the Answers that will set out for you how you can get it. What is the solution to each one of the Obstacles? Is there someone you can ask? Do you need to work with others? Do you need more knowledge? How can you get it? Can you do something without gaining the extra knowledge? Can you get someone else to do things that will help you move towards your goal? Can you buy it?

Now, get started. Do something right away to start to address one or more of the Obstacles.

To Do:

  • have your SMART goal written down on a card and read it every morning when you get up and every night just before you go to bed. That keeps you focused on good stuff. Your antenna will be up all the time and you will recognize opportunities when they present themselves.
  • work on removing the Obstacles in your spare moments. It is vital that you do something every day.
  • when you have any sort of down time, spend it feeling what it is like when you have attained your objective. How will you feel? What is it like to have or enjoy?

That last point is very important. You really need to write out exactly what Satisfaction you will enjoy as a result of achieving this goal. Make a good list outlining exactly why you want it! Make the reasons as emotive as you can. Yes, write them down so you can refer to it often. Keeps you focused and enthusiastic when the work gets hard.



Click on the image and you can use it to develop your GOALS achievement plan. I absolutely know you can, will you?

What is your business?

There are so many online business opportunities out there but exactly what are they? The huge majority are simply focused on generating a good income for the “owner” of the business. They are simply involved in a numbers game.

All business is based on a numbers game of course. The more people who see your offer the more there are that will buy. But what then? Good business is all about building a strong relationship with the client/partner. Good business does not just get you to buy and then leave you to your own resources and efforts to learn exactly how to actually do the online business in order to make money. Or, even worse, sell you more and more stuff to “help” you do the business. No, good business will partner with you and show you exactly what to do to make money with your new online business.

Have you noticed that there are all sorts of businesses out there that are selling tools to do business online? And you can make money if you get others to buy these tools? This is really the business development world. Not for most of us. Forget about the tools. Find the right product for you to get into. We make money by providing (selling) a real service or product to people who want it. In the online network market, we make more money when we help other people sell that service or product.

So what business are you in? If it is just to make money you will fail. Remember, we get rewarded commensurate to the service we provide to others who need/want that service. The service I am referring to can be access to a service or a product. People know when you are just trying to take their money. Look carefully at your “Mission”. Exactly why are you doing this business? What exactly is the business that you are doing?

I am currently doing a business that is focused on ensuring that one can just enrol and the company will do everything else to grow my business and organization for me. I don’t have to learn how and where to advertise. I don’t have to develop a web site or make a sales video. I don’t have to “sell”. And I can just personally enjoy the great product. Of course I can do more if I want to. From selling more of the product, thereby pocketing the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price. I can sign people up directly if I want to (and I want to because this will help my friends and family earn a decent income even though they don’t know how to do stuff online). This is the model of the sort of business that I believe is what will stick in the online world.

To sum up, look for a business that is congruent with your own values. Make it your mission to help others through providing a product or service that has real value. If you can, include in your mission that you will help others to earn a good income through selling the product or service and helping others to do the same.