Lead generators

I am going to start my blog with a bit of a rant. There is a great need and desire from online marketers for leads. Leads are essential email addresses of real people who have indicated an interest in the type of business you are doing. There is a whole industry out there that make it their business to collect leads, catalogue them by interest and then off them for sale to online business owners.

There are two varieties here. One is an actual list of proven leads. These lists are very valuable and the owners do not share them easily. Lists are money in the online world. You will need to enter into some sort of business relationship with the owner of the list and then the owner will market your venture under the terms of the agreement. You will only get to this stage when you have proven a fair success on your own.

The other variety in lead generation is buying “clicks”. You go to a solo ad seller and buy a set number of clicks, you write your ad that you hope will attract the interest of real people, the ad is run by the solo ad seller and you wait. The result you are looking for is a good number of leads to your list from the clicks you have bought. A click is when someone clicks on the ad you wrote. That could cost anywhere from a few cents to dollars. Some will be interested enough to actually register for more info. That is a lead. That is your bread and butter. The leads to clicks ratio is a measure of how good the solo ad provider is and therefore is and indication of the value of the clicks.

Now for the rant. There are whole industries that pay people to do a “home based business” where the person just sits at a computer all day and clicks on these sorts of ads. That uses up the clicks with no hope of getting leads. But it does not stop there. They will also enter email addresses to indicate “interest” and become a lead. But it is not a real lead and the email address is bogus. When the business owner tries to use these leads that resulted from his purchase of clicks, they result in nothing at all. That is simply not right.

Are you doing click and register for pay? That is simply theft for the business owners out there who rely on ads to get leads to enrol in their business. No integrity. Stop and find another way to earn money that makes a positive contribution to the world. If you are a provider of this sort of “service” to solo ad sellers, likewise – find another way to serve society. One with integrity. Remember, what you put out there is what comes back to you.

It is little wonder that there is a huge trust issue out there with online businesses. It starts with trying to take your business online. You need eyes on your service/business. Let’s start to build an online market place that has integrity and provides true¬†value and service. Report bad solo ad sellers. Share the good ones.