Totally in awe!

I really cannot just accept this reality and move on. Nor should any of us. What do you think about when you are in a grocery store when you are picking out the fresh produce you want and then the meat or fish? Most of the time we are just considering the best choice. Sometimes we complain to ourselves about the price. Some of the more environmentally conscious amongst us will check to see how far it has travelled to get to this display.

I often look at the display and am totally in awe. This is just one display of – say – tomatoes and there are scores of displays like this just in my area. And that is so all over North America and the rest of the world! And then I think about how many places I see that grow this stuff in my area that I have noticed. Not many! Certainly not enough to supply even a few of the displays in my neighbourhood, never mind in winter!

Our society has developed ways to farm the enormous amount of produce we need to feed us and get it from the farms to our displays so we can buy it and feed ourselves. Fresh! All year long! At prices that amaze me when I think of the entire process! Goodness!

I have seen stickers that say something like “if you ate today, thank a farmer”. I would add that we thank a trucker, a pilot, a factory worker who makes the machinery, a worker who makes the containers, the entrepreneurs who establish and maintain the venues to display the produce for us, and so on! The list is huge.

Then I noticed a huge wall of bagged earth. At one store! And there are hundreds of displays like this just in my area. Where is all that earth coming from? Are we leaving enough to allow for farming nearby? Just another majour WOW!

My point in sharing this today is simple. Take a moment to think just a bit about what our time here on earth is all about. What is amazing and awesome to you? What impact are we having on the land? Be in awe of what we each have and are able to do. Share just a bit more with those who are having a rougher time. And for sure – stop and take time to smell the flowers and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Eat your vegetables and think about what it took to get to your table and the tables of the rest of your city!

Later is too late!

I imagine we have always been sort of now vs later sorts. What I mean is that we live in the now. Of course, that is all the rage these days in mindfulness and seizing the moment and carpe diem(?). However, there are things that we are facing that will not really hit us severely for some time but which are irreversible by the time we get hit very hard. Yes, I am thinking about climate change and our role in it.

It was not all that long ago that places like London, England had to deal,with pea soup fog that was the direct result of all the people living there burning coal to heat their homes. Then there were the horrible smog days all around the world in majour cities that were related to the exhaust of cars. These two examples show us what we do when we can actually see a problem. We make changes that at least reduce the problems if not illiminate them. If we did not mitigate these issues the effects on us would have been catastrophic. Did our actions totally remove the problems? Probably not but they were reduced to minimal levels that are manageable.

So, what about climate change? The problem here is that we cannot really see anything on a day to day basis. We have scientists tellling us that the global temperatures are rising and that it is due to green house gases. We have “nay-sayers” who opine that climate change is just a regular cycle of ups and downs here on earth. But we can’t see anything! And all tell us that the real problems are decades away! So we don’t do anything and we concentrate on news about celebrities and complain about governments.

Whatever side you are on related to climate change there a a couple of undeniable truths. Global temperatures are rising. Green house gases contribute to this rising temperature. The increasing temperatures result in water levels rising, ice fields shrinking (thereby reducing solar reflection), and more moisture in the air which results in much more severe weather events. Human activity produces a lot of green house gases that at least contribute to global warming. We are going to have to make majour adjustments to how we live and where we live over the next decades, starting today.

We absolutely need to start doing the doable right now. Even if we believe the effects of reducing our carbon emissions will be low, it will help slow the onslaught of more greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere and thereby reduce, however small, the warming trends. Every little bit will help. We need to do this now! Not develop plans to put in place years down the road.

More to come in future posts related to what we can do to reduce our carbon footprints and what we can do to make adjustments today to mitigate the disruptions that are coming. Let’s do this – together.

Electric Cars

A few things need to happen to allow electric cars to really become a standard mode of transportation. Let’s get the discussion going so the innovators get the message and make the necessary adjustments. The message is that we want electric cars but we also want the “convenience” we have become used to with the gas powered cars of the past 100 years. Change is resisted so let’s make change something to look forward to.

First of all, we need to be able to “gas up” easily and in just about 5 or so minutes. Not the 1/2 hour or more that the electric car industry seems to be touting as its objective. Their idea is that we will enjoy stopping in for a coffee or to eat or something like that. That is a corporate model, not a user friendly model. Rather, let us be able to just pull into a drive through bay, have our standardized battery pack dropped out and a fully charged one installed. This can be totally automated and take just about 5 minutes at the most.

Yes I do have a design in mind for the automated system. And I don’t know what I am doing. I just know how simple it can be. Those with the training and expertise can build it. In fact, if I can think of something like this, others can come up with even better solutions. They just need to think and do! Look what Amazon did with their order fulfillment centre.

It should be fairly easy to take the current gas stations and replace some of the pumps with a couple of drive through bays. When they dig out the huge storage tanks, they can put in the automated system for dropping out, replacing and charging the standard batteries. At the same time, instal large solar panels to assist with charging the batteries.

It should also be simple to build new stations as well. They will be clean and the cars will not be noisy or “smelly” and therefore won’t be much of a blight on the surrounding areas as they come in to get their batteries changed.

Standard batteries still allow for lots of competition for the auto builders. They can focus on the extras. So a key is to get everyone together and agree on a standard. I am not talking about the insides of batteries or cars here. I am just talking about the size and how and where they will be placed on cars.

Then we will have specialists to develop batteries while car builders can focus on what their cars will be able to do with the new form of “gas” power (electric batteries). They can focus on developing better motors for driving the wheels. They can focus on developing more reliable ways that cars can take over so much of the mundane parts of driving. Of course, I hope they can speed up the whole process perfecting cars that will drive themselves and we just have to be passengers.

Tesla is doing much to move this along. We need to get the others on board. We need good range per charge. We need quick and easy “charge ups” while travelling.

Attention folks in the car industry: let’s do this!

What if? …. Why not?

Consider this: “Why is it that no matter how many times babies fall, instead of giving up they continue to try walking over and over again?”. The answer to this question is mind blowing for me, yet so simple. “It’s because everyone around them is walking…so it’s normal to walk.” Goodness, this is so true! If we surround ourselves with like-minded people who are where we want to be, we will see it as normal to achieve their level of success. And no matter what obstacles we may face, we must get up, dust ourselves off and try again. Difficulties and failures are the necessary steps to get us to where we’re going and with each obstacle, there is a lesson to be learned.

In life, one has to be willing to travel the road less traveled and throw caution to the wind. And more often than not, we are crippled by self-imposed limitations that could be the very reason our dreams don’t come to fruition. Step out of the comfort zone. Evaluate, plan, do, adjust as you go.

An on-line business that I know well asked themselves: “What if we put our customers desires FIRST, by finding a way they could easily achieve the financial freedom they wanted without having to pay large fees to learn from other organizations how to everything like we do?”. We started to shift our focus from “Why we couldn’t” to “What if?” and “Why not?” That is how a new business was born! A totally done-for-you business for folks who want to start their own on-line business but do not know what to do. You can look at the Facebook page here if you like.

I’ll leave you with a few things to think about…

Dream Big.
Never Stop Learning.
Figure Out What You Want.
Have A Vision.
Take Action Everyday.
Work Smarter Not Harder.
Meditation Is A Beautiful Thing.
Focus Your Energy, It Creates Strength.
Visualization & Repetition Is Key.
Develop Good Habits.
When You Start Something… Finish It.
Face The Fear & Do It Anyway.
Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself Learn
To Forgive Yourself Because Tomorrow’s Another Day.
Focus On The Why. You’ll Figure Out The How.
Never Give Up.

The basis of this post is gleaned from a posting on a Proctor blog and personal knowledge of another business.

What’s Stopping You?

You know what you want to have/be/do. In fact, you are so clear that you have it written down in specific detail in the form of a S.M.A.R.T. Goal. Right? So what is stopping you from having it already? What are the Obstacles?

Take some personal and quiet time and write down why you don’t have it yet. Be honest. In one of my money goals I actually listed that I did not want to work at a job to achieve the goal. That is quite an obstacle. Think wide here and list what is missing and what are the obstacles. Not enough time. Have not met minimum requirements. Don’t know what to do. And so on.

List these reasons that you don’t have what you want and number them. Now, explore the Answers that will set out for you how you can get it. What is the solution to each one of the Obstacles? Is there someone you can ask? Do you need to work with others? Do you need more knowledge? How can you get it? Can you do something without gaining the extra knowledge? Can you get someone else to do things that will help you move towards your goal? Can you buy it?

Now, get started. Do something right away to start to address one or more of the Obstacles.

To Do:

  • have your SMART goal written down on a card and read it every morning when you get up and every night just before you go to bed. That keeps you focused on good stuff. Your antenna will be up all the time and you will recognize opportunities when they present themselves.
  • work on removing the Obstacles in your spare moments. It is vital that you do something every day.
  • when you have any sort of down time, spend it feeling what it is like when you have attained your objective. How will you feel? What is it like to have or enjoy?

That last point is very important. You really need to write out exactly what Satisfaction you will enjoy as a result of achieving this goal. Make a good list outlining exactly why you want it! Make the reasons as emotive as you can. Yes, write them down so you can refer to it often. Keeps you focused and enthusiastic when the work gets hard.



Click on the image and you can use it to develop your GOALS achievement plan. I absolutely know you can, will you?

What are you aiming for?

Do you have goals for exactly what you want/intend to achieve? Do an exercise with me. Make a list of what you would really like to have/do/be. Don’t limit yourself here at all. Be child like and let it go. Dream! Just start writing each idea, one per line. Don’t stop writing. If you hit a block, keep writing. Just write what comes to mind. Do that for about 10 minutes.

Now, go back to your list and write out a very clear and concise short answer to the question “Why?” If you cannot think of a clear reason that excites you immediately, put a line through it. Do this for each item on your list. You will see that your list is greatly reduced but the items left are important to you. THESE are your goals.

There are some steps you can take to prioritize your goals and group them into categories and organize them into short term and longer term goals but at least you now have something that only about 3% of people have: written goals.

Michaelangelo Quote

Take another look at that list, including the items with a line through them. Did you actually self-censor a bit? Did you tend to just write down things that you felt you could actually do/have/be? In other words, did you aim high enough or did you settle for “Good”.

I encourage you to have a read of “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. There are lots of inspiring stories about organizations and people who went well beyond good. They achieved greatness. They did this by not settling for good. They focused on the steps that took them to great. Why don’t all businesses get to great? Why don’t all of us business folks get to great? Simply put, “good is the enemy of great”.

The more I read biographies of great business achievers, the more I see that one of the things that they have in common is that at some time they were in desperate straights. Things were bad for them. That focused them and they did whatever it took to grow a business so that things would never be bad for them again. And, they all did it by providing something that others needed or wanted and were very happy to pay for. They did not do it alone. They made sure that those that helped them grow their business got their fair share of the rewards. They made sure that their product was the very best it could be. Simply, people at each step of the business process got their fair share. That is business.

We just got our labour figures here in Canada. They showed a loss of some 9,000 jobs across the country. However, very interesting, they also showed a marked increase in the number of self-employed. People are realizing that if they want to have a reliable income, they have to arrange for it themselves. They are starting their own businesses.

More on this in a future blog. For now, look at your goals and aim high! 😀


What is your business?

There are so many online business opportunities out there but exactly what are they? The huge majority are simply focused on generating a good income for the “owner” of the business. They are simply involved in a numbers game.

All business is based on a numbers game of course. The more people who see your offer the more there are that will buy. But what then? Good business is all about building a strong relationship with the client/partner. Good business does not just get you to buy and then leave you to your own resources and efforts to learn exactly how to actually do the online business in order to make money. Or, even worse, sell you more and more stuff to “help” you do the business. No, good business will partner with you and show you exactly what to do to make money with your new online business.

Have you noticed that there are all sorts of businesses out there that are selling tools to do business online? And you can make money if you get others to buy these tools? This is really the business development world. Not for most of us. Forget about the tools. Find the right product for you to get into. We make money by providing (selling) a real service or product to people who want it. In the online network market, we make more money when we help other people sell that service or product.

So what business are you in? If it is just to make money you will fail. Remember, we get rewarded commensurate to the service we provide to others who need/want that service. The service I am referring to can be access to a service or a product. People know when you are just trying to take their money. Look carefully at your “Mission”. Exactly why are you doing this business? What exactly is the business that you are doing?

I am currently doing a business that is focused on ensuring that one can just enrol and the company will do everything else to grow my business and organization for me. I don’t have to learn how and where to advertise. I don’t have to develop a web site or make a sales video. I don’t have to “sell”. And I can just personally enjoy the great product. Of course I can do more if I want to. From selling more of the product, thereby pocketing the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price. I can sign people up directly if I want to (and I want to because this will help my friends and family earn a decent income even though they don’t know how to do stuff online). This is the model of the sort of business that I believe is what will stick in the online world.

To sum up, look for a business that is congruent with your own values. Make it your mission to help others through providing a product or service that has real value. If you can, include in your mission that you will help others to earn a good income through selling the product or service and helping others to do the same.

Lead generators

I am going to start my blog with a bit of a rant. There is a great need and desire from online marketers for leads. Leads are essential email addresses of real people who have indicated an interest in the type of business you are doing. There is a whole industry out there that make it their business to collect leads, catalogue them by interest and then off them for sale to online business owners.

There are two varieties here. One is an actual list of proven leads. These lists are very valuable and the owners do not share them easily. Lists are money in the online world. You will need to enter into some sort of business relationship with the owner of the list and then the owner will market your venture under the terms of the agreement. You will only get to this stage when you have proven a fair success on your own.

The other variety in lead generation is buying “clicks”. You go to a solo ad seller and buy a set number of clicks, you write your ad that you hope will attract the interest of real people, the ad is run by the solo ad seller and you wait. The result you are looking for is a good number of leads to your list from the clicks you have bought. A click is when someone clicks on the ad you wrote. That could cost anywhere from a few cents to dollars. Some will be interested enough to actually register for more info. That is a lead. That is your bread and butter. The leads to clicks ratio is a measure of how good the solo ad provider is and therefore is and indication of the value of the clicks.

Now for the rant. There are whole industries that pay people to do a “home based business” where the person just sits at a computer all day and clicks on these sorts of ads. That uses up the clicks with no hope of getting leads. But it does not stop there. They will also enter email addresses to indicate “interest” and become a lead. But it is not a real lead and the email address is bogus. When the business owner tries to use these leads that resulted from his purchase of clicks, they result in nothing at all. That is simply not right.

Are you doing click and register for pay? That is simply theft for the business owners out there who rely on ads to get leads to enrol in their business. No integrity. Stop and find another way to earn money that makes a positive contribution to the world. If you are a provider of this sort of “service” to solo ad sellers, likewise – find another way to serve society. One with integrity. Remember, what you put out there is what comes back to you.

It is little wonder that there is a huge trust issue out there with online businesses. It starts with trying to take your business online. You need eyes on your service/business. Let’s start to build an online market place that has integrity and provides true value and service. Report bad solo ad sellers. Share the good ones.